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Ba Zi & Colours

Colours for the Home



NW & West(Metal)


Gold or white

East & SE(Wood)


Green or brown

North (Water)


Blue, black or grey



Red, pink or purple

NE & SW (Earth)



Red  is auspicious and one of the luckiest colours associated  with good fortune and prosperity.

Green  is tranquility and longevity.

Yellow is authority is the colour of the emperor.

Blue is heavenly blessings and white is purity. Black is associated with money and honour.

White  is a symbol of purity and a virgin and is the colour of mourning.

For  example, the north wall of the house could be painted in  blue or grey while the south wall in pink or purple.

It is NOT necessary to follow the above guidelines. Why?

For  practical reasons, you can paint the entire house in `neutral'  colours such as white or in any `light pastel' shades.

Soft colours signifies YIN or `female'. Bright colours siginifies YANG or `bright' or strong colours.

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