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About our Ba Zi

About Geomancy.Net's Ba Zi

About the Life Reading (Ba Zi) Report


About the Online Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi Reports at Geomancy.Net


Master Robert Lee (co-founder of Geomancy.Net)

Report Extensive Tested & Verified

Master Cecil Lee (author & co-founder of Geomancy.Net)

It is used extensively by Master Cecil Lee in his On-Site Feng Shui Audit to give his client a comprehensive Feng Shui Analysis.


Initially, the Ba Zi Report was programmed personally by Master Robert Lee to assist Master Cecil Lee in reducing his workload particularly the calculation time and provide basic analysis when the program was initially in its version 1.

However, it has grown now into the current version 8 which is a comprehensive Ba Zi Analysis which provides a comprehensive Analysis providing analysis upto 120 years of Yearly Analysis.

Something which can take several weeks to work out a similiar one manually by HAND!

How Authentic is the Report?

100% use of Traditional Calculation Method and many of the analysis has been fine-tuned with Master Cecil's 20-years of Experiences.

How Accurate is the Report?

We have been using it for so many clients and it has been able to accurately identify the ups and downs faced by our clients.

Ba Zi Variations by different sources.

We use the Traditional Lunar Calendar System to generate the Ba Zi as opposed to the Xia Calendar System (which is used only in defining the Seasonal Influence during the Analysis)

There are many variations in Ba Zi being thought by many Masters. Here are the 3 most common ones:-

  • Use of Xia Calendar (particularly by Hong Kong Masters) or Lunar Calendar to deduce the Ba Zi Chart.
    • We choose the use of Lunar Calendar System to chart the Ba Zi Chart simply because it does not have the Blind Dates differences that Xia Calendar System will encounter.
    • We still use the Xia Calendar for areas requiring to determine the Seasons of Birth.
    • Also, there are many Advanced analysis which will not be applicable if the Ba Zi Chart has been converted to Xia System.
    • Our extensive testing have also indicated the accuracy of our Analysis with the Lunar Version than the Xia Version.
    • & lots more not going to be covered here.
  • Using TimeZone Differences to convert the location factor into (i.e. - plus or minus 0400 hours) to your birth hour.
    • The only true method is to apply the Location Factor (ie Long. & Lat. of your exact place of birth). However, most people don't really have this information, and if you get this even 1 degree wrong, the entire analysis will be off by a great deal of difference. So we felt it is better to leave this detail out entire.
    • 1 Chinese Hour is 2 Western Hour. This itself gives room for mistake to occur even if you get this hour wrongly.
    • Hour of Birth can be left out entirely and this will still give an fairly accurate analysis.
    • Luck Pillars Analysis is often 10-yearly, 5-yearly & Yearly and is based on the Month Pillar to deduce. So whether or not the Hour Pillar is present does not make much difference except in allowing you to deduce more accurately your true personal element.
  • Breaking the Zi Hour into two different Hour one before midnight and one after midnight.
    • Doing this will get the entire balance of the 12 hours entirely off.

There are many other minor differences which will not be covered here. However, we are aware of the many difference in teachings as Robert Lee (the programmer) not only learned Cecil Lee method, but have extensively learned all the differences by many Masters. And have all the Pros and Cons of each of the difference.

Our report uses only all the authentic one and best methods available that works well and which has achieved the closest accuracy to Master Cecil Lee's person ba zi analysis done manually.

Thus, the report can attain it's current level of accuracy.

Ba Zi Premium with Expert Review

If you require additional personalised advise, you can go for our Ba Zi with Expert Review service.

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