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Wedding Date Summary Sample

Wedding Date Summary Sample

NOTE: Please print or save the reports. This link will be removed in 2-4 weeks time for security reasons.

Dear Demo,


1. Here are the best dates Wedding Dates narrowed down to your preference:-


Jan 2005


Best Weekend: 29 Jan 2005 (Sat);


Next Best Weekend: none


Best Weekday: 05 Jan 2005 (Wed); 17 Jan 2005 (Mon);


Next Best Weekday: 12 Jan 2005 (Wed); 24 Jan 2005 (Mon);


2. Recommendations for best Weekend: 29 Jan 2005 (Sat);


3. Recommendations for best Weekday: 5 Jan 2005 (Wed);


4. Detailed Auspicious Date report (shows details of each day and even hourly analysis link this demo provides only 1 month and no hourly demo report):-






5. Reference report used to determine various family member's element and colour for improving luck. Please see this report to see what elements each person belongs and what colours or element helps to enhance the person luck. It also contains like each persons best element, direction etc. All for your reference.






6. Dates for An Chuan (Set up the bridal bed) and Guo Da Li (betrothal gift). Depending on family to family, most of these events are usually done 1-4 weeks before the traditional wedding dates. So, you can choose an alternative date just before the actual wedding for these events. In the past the sending of gift and set up of bed are on two separate dates. But most modern family usually do it on the same day. Ie Setup of bed in the morning of the next best good date, and sending of the gift in the afternoon. So first pick the actual wedding dates, then select the next best within 1-4 weeks before for these procedures.



7. For additional auspicious hour information, you can click on the view hour link in the detailed date report I have provided you in above detailed wedding date report. Given that the auspicious hour changes from day to day, this is best determined once you have narrowed down to the date you prefer. Always go for better day, then select the best hour within the day. Sometime timing may not be practical, so you should opt for nice sounding times like 8.58am or 9.58am or 9.59am etc.


8. Please be advised that:-


Because our dates considers many factors, as such the dates analysed are extremely personalised to individual person(s) as it considers the individual Ba Zi. This means the dates are your very own individual good or bad dates. As such, no one/two person(s) will have the same good or bad dates.


As such, the dates analysed for you will not necessary be similar to a general Tung Shu forecast which usually does not consider the individual's bazi. Therefore, even if the Tung Shu forecast says that it is a good day, but if your own bazi clashes with the day, it may not be as good as a less auspicious Tung Shu date but more suitable or does not clash with your bazi. This holds true for wedding dates, move-in dates and dates for any auspicious events. As our dates consider individual ba zi, it will superceed a normal tung shu forecast date which does not consider individual persons suitability.


Feel free to contact me at +65 9835-5734 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you need any further clarifications.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee



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