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What do I need in order to generate a Flying Star Report?

What do I need in order to generate a Flying Star Report?


There are TWO requirements:-

1. You need to know the period home was built.
For a twenty year assessment, you need to know the PERIOD the building was constructed. For example, if a building was built/constructed and completed between the years 1984 to 2003, it is in the age of 7. Therefore when the software ask for the period Between 1984 to 2003, don't worry whether the building is being built, constructed or completed so long as this activity falls between 1984 to 2003 simply select this field.

Note: If there was a major renovation carried out on the house e.g. removal of the roof, tearing down of some parts of the house, additions/enlarging of rooms then you should use the date of completion of the renovation instead of the year the building was completed.

Ignore minor renovations such as re-doing the floor tiles, repainting of the house and upgrading the toilets etc. as it does not affect the date of `birth' of the building.

Anyway, don't worry unduly about this if your house is relatively new. For a house built between 1984 and 2003, any renovations carried out during the period is still within this period. If you still need further advise, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Determine the direction of the main entrance door.
You first need to stand in the `center' of your house and as accurate as possible determine the compass degree of your house.

The Flying Star theory uses 24 compass directions with 15 degree increments:-


an illustration of 24 compasspoints


an illustration of center of main entrance door

Click here to learn more on how to use the ordinary compass for Feng Shui assessment of a home.

Select ONLY one compass direction that closely match the main door entrance from the table below:-

For example if the compass reading for the main entrance door is between 7.5 degrees to 22.4 degrees then in the software program when asked to select the main entrance door direction, please select 15 degrees.



Location of mid-point or CENTRE of Main Entrance Door

Please select main entrance door as:

Between 352.5 to 7.4 degrees


0 degrees

Between 7.5 to 22.4 degrees


15 degrees

Between 22.5 degrees to 37.4 degrees


30 degrees

Between 37.5 degrees to 52.4 degrees


45 degrees

Between 52.5 degrees to 67.4


60 degrees

Between 67.5 degrees to 82.4 degrees


75 degrees

Between 82.5 degrees to 97.4 degrees


90 degrees

Between 97.5 degrees to 112.4 degrees


105 degrees

Between 112.5 degrees to 127.4 degrees


120 degrees

Between 127.5 degrees to 142.4 degrees


135 degrees

Between 142.5 degrees to 157.4 degrees


150 degrees

Between 157.5 degrees to 172.4 degrees


165 degrees

Between 172.5 degrees to 187.4 degrees


180 degrees

Between 187.5 degrees to 202.4 degrees


195 degrees

Between 202.5 degrees to 217.4 degrees


210 degrees

Between 217.5 degrees to 232.4 degrees


225 degrees

Between 232.4 degrees to 247.4 degrees


240 degrees

Between 247.5 degrees to 262.4 degrees


255 degrees

Between 262.5 degrees to 277.4 degrees


270 degrees

Between 277.5 degrees to 292.4 degrees


285 degrees

Between 292.5 degrees to 307.4 degrees


300 degrees

Between 307.5 degrees to 322.4 degrees


315 degrees

Between 322.5 degrees to 337.4 degrees


330 degrees

Between 337.4 degrees to 352.4 degrees


345 degrees

If you need further assistance here, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Select ONLY ONE compass point for the MAIN ENTRANCE. Either 0 degrees or 15 degrees or 30 degrees or 45 degrees or 60 degrees or 75 degrees or 90 degrees or 105 degrees or 120 degrees or 135 degrees  or 150 degrees or 165 degrees or 180 degrees or 195 degrees or 210 degrees or 225 degrees or 240 degrees or 255 degrees or 270 degrees or 285 degrees or 300 degrees or 315 degrees or 330 degrees or 345 degrees. Notice that each direction is in 15 degree increments.

Personal Information of the Owner or Breadwinner.

For the Full Report, the Date of Birth and Gender of the Owner or Breadwinner is essential for the calculation of the Eight House Theory which will provide a greater insight into the suitability of the house to the Owner.


How do I determine which door is my main entrance?

Under Feng Shui assessment, the main entrance door is the door you commonly use to enter the house. For example, you have a main entrance door at the East. But you frequently use your garage door at the South. In this case, you should consider SOUTH as your main entrance door instead.

If you need further assistance here, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why did the software generate a template with a North to South direction instead of South as in a traditional Flying Star template?

In the traditional Flying Star model, calculations were made with SOUTH on the top and NORTH at the bottom of the template. We anticipated that for most of us, it is so much easier to use a template if it faces a North to South direction similiar to an ordinary compass.  Rest assured that all calculations are the same!



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