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Flying Star Analysis

My house is:
6th period
335BR>S/F Quadrant XuanKong
Center (5, 7 - 6 yearly 1)
In the center I have the dinning room.


Having base star 6, 7 would not be very auspicious. Star 5 is a misfortune star.
7 & base star 6 actually represents a clash, which may mean a great deal of bad luck
shar created. Possibly robbery or even find yourself getting cheated.

Yearly star 1 will match the base star 6 forming an auspicious influences
this year. Which mean despite the 5 misfortune star and 6 & 7 clashes, is
influence is not that great during this year as it is the major clashes does
not occur during this period

>F NW (6, 6 - 7, yearly 2)
here is the room of my youngest son.

Given it is the period 6, this room is having double 6 star which is
actually a good location for the entire house if this is facing the main
door. However, 6 & 7 clashes, resulting in. Yearly star 2 is a misfortune
star, and this may further influence the clashes with misfortune for this
section during this year. So you have to be extremely careful.

>N (1, 2 - 2, yearly 6)
>here is the main entrance. part of a Bedroom

Base star 2 already represent a pretty bad location here. A 2 in the siang
sin star will again mean, further bad influences, luckily, 2 and 1 does not
cause significant unlucky combination. Being period 6, the yearly base 6
represents an auspicious star. So this year despite the bad stars, its
influence is reduced.

>NE (8, 4 - 9, yearly 4)
>The games room, guest, friends, fireplace

8 is an auspicious chor sin star. 9 is a future prosperity section, so it= a
good location for you. 4 & 8 in the combination siang sin with chor sin it
rather ok. The yearly 4 base star in itself is a rather ok star, and
therefore, this location should still be fairly good.

>E (3, 9 - 4, 8)
>Games room

Not much key influences in this sector, just that yearly 8 is a good star=,
meaning this year this sector is fairly good.

>S SE (4, 8 - 5, 9)

Base star 5 is a misfortune star for this sector, but 8 & 4 combination in
siang sin with chor sin does not represent a good sector as the elements
clashes (wood kills earth), which may result in bad marriage, not good for
children, committing suicide etc. Star 9 although is a future prosperity=,
would not help this sector much in this year, as the combinations in the
20-year char is strong.

>S (9, 3 - 1, 5)
>Interior garden, dinning room, and big closet.

3 itself is not a very auspicious star, but 9 is a future prosperity star.
Base star 1 is a fairly good star, but the yearly base star 5, means this
period, there would be some illness. As 5 & 3 would normally represent
injuries etc.

>SW (2, 1 - 3 - 1, 7)
>Here is the master bedroom.

Base star 3, is an inauspicious star. Chor sin star 2, is another misfortune
star. 2 and 3 combines to result in law suit, gossip etc. Furthermore, this
year 7 influences further inauspicious influences.

>W (7, 5 - 8, 3)
>Here is my oldest son bedroom.

Base star 8 is a future prosperity, but 7 & 5 are another bad combinations.
In addition yearly 3 is brings further bad influence for this year.

>This is a very unfortunate structure: Fu Yin.
>Star #7 red is imprisoned at the center.
>Mountain star #1 and water star #2, are in my bedroom.
>Mountain star #2 and water star #1, are in my main entrance.
>In the East of my house I can see 2 big volcanos, they are 100 Kms. from my
>place. (Ixtlaciuatl and popocatepetl one is active, Mexico, City).

Yes, this house is rather inauspicious, given period 6. I can see lots of
areas constantly being influenced by lots of inauspicious stars.

>I buy this house in 1994, I divorced 7 months later, my business begin to
>have many problems in 1995.
>I married again 2 years ago, but I am separated from my wife now, and
>always when we try to come back something happen and we start fighting.
>The only thing which I can do is put a fountain outside the house in the
>East, and a mountain (one meter high soil) in the West, outside too.
>I already put metal in my bedroom (salt water in a jar with 6 metal coins
>and a 40 cm. piece of brass), and in the main entrance I put some metal
>(in there place already exist a water pond with Koi carps).
>Can you give me your opinion and the possible cures for this house?
>Thank you very much in advance.

Wow, the stars in this house is truly overwhelming. Once suggestion which
you might like to look into is see if stars in period 7 is good for this
house. If it is, perform a major renovation taking up the period 7 stars =if
it is good. I can provide you with a period 7 analyse for free, hope that
this would help you as having a major renovation would be a cheaper
alternative, rather then purchasing a new house right?

Another alternative is move out of this house, because from what I can see,
whenever the stars shifts, there is always different inauspicious stars
combination being formed. As such it is rather difficult to make changes.= It
is like some master would say, a house which is very difficult to cure, so
best solution is move out.


Robert Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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