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Death Line

Question: I'm a SouthWest person, and the main door of my house in situated in either the North or northwest. Well, the main door is not directly located in the north, it is somewhat between the north and northwest direction (between 330-0 degree). Does this mean bad luck since the North indicates Death? What to do to counteract this? Btw, My bedroom is located in the southwest corner. My prosperity corner is where our living room is.

What the 8 house theory means is that a house should suit the person staying there.

In your case, this house is not as favourable as a house with the main entrance door facing South West. If the `death' line flows through the main entrance door, the best precaution is not to leave it open unless you are using it and to keep the location `bright' e.g. walls with white paint.

Such a house is considered `so-so'. Contrast this with a house that suits a person. This house will then bring considerable luck to the person.

What you can do instead is to see whether when you are sleeping, where possible sleep with your head first and body facing the good direction.

Do take note that the 8 house theory is only to find the good and bad directions and it can also be used at the office i.e. sit facing your good direction.

Another more powerful tool is the Flying Star theory, which is meant to look at the `birth chart' of the house. Like a human being, it looks at how good a house is and this also affects your `luck' and prosperity.

Question: Also, how do you determine your main element? I was reading your sample, the person has four metals and three woods and yet his main element is Wood. Do you go by the year of birth? Please advise. Thanks very much.

For Feng Shui, the more we know about ourselves, the more we can fine tune the `cures' and increase beneficial Qi. One way to do this is to look at the Pillars of Destiny. The main ingredient of the Pillars of destiny for Feng Shui is:-

- What is the `true' element of the person. e.g. belong to the wood element.

- Next what is the `strength' of your element e.g. Strong wood? weak wood? or neutral wood?

As the calculation of this is very tedious as we need to look at all 8 individual Eight characters of a person, I have computerised this process.

All you need to provide is your : Year, Month and day of Birth. Better still if you have the time of birth, do input it into the system. (Time of birth is less important but if you know it, best to provide the information).

A good FS Master with the knowledge of your `true' element and strength will be able to give a more accurate advice. This is because each house also has it's own element e.g. a house with the main entrance facing North is considered a Water house and if say your element is a weak water, this house benefits you. Alternatively , if your house is a South House (main entrance door) facing South, and you are a weak water person, it means trouble. A FS Master with such information will then be able to provide you proper advice.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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