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Eight Careers

Our house is facing North-east but the main door faces East. Following the basic rules in Feng Shui, facing the main door from outside into the house, our main bedroom is in the Spook corner of the house. Also, from the bedroom door the wealth corner is our ensuite. I know that based on our birth years, our ideal house should be north-facing but unfortunately we can't afford to move to such house so we have to live with what we have. Please advise how we can improve Feng Shui in our house to improve our wealth, careers and health in the family.

Overall, there are various levels of Feng Shui analysis. From a general Feng Shui Analysis to a highly advanced detailed one using both the combinations of the Eight House, Pillars of Destiny and Flying Star.

Currently, your analysis is using the Eight House Theory. It's two main purpose is to:
1. Is the house suitable for the person?
.2. How good or how bad is the match between the home owner and his home.

I understand that you have already used the Eight House Theory. Firstly, the house is not that suitable to you. When I say not that suitable for you what I meant is that it could be worse! Particularly if the death or disaster line flows through your main entrance door.

Next, determine what intangible force is at your bedroom or any other place in your home you spent most of your time. Where possible, sleep closest to a good intangible force (if possible) and next sleep with your head facing a good direction.

Other than the above, the Eight House Theory has its limitations. If you are serious in applying Feng Shui, you may like to consider two other theories i.e. Pillars of Destiny (in Feng Shui) this is to find your `true element' and its strength in relation to your house's element. For example, your house is facing East, it is thus an East House with the element of Wood. You may have to compare your own `true element' and it's strength with the house's element. While the Flying Star looks at the birth chart of the house. By combining all the information available, the analysis would be indept and more comprehensive.

I have covered quite a lot of this in the website. You can check out ../theory.htm particularly under the topic Flying Star Theory, 8 house theory to give you a better idea.

Such Feng Shui ideas of Career, Romance sectors is under this theory called Eight Associations or Eight Aspirations or Life Aspirations. You can go to to generate your free Eight House chart. It will also include such information.

Do be informed that, it can be dangerous to apply enhancements or fixes without first doing proper Feng Shui audits. For example, more important Feng Shui audits like Flying Star should come first. It will determine where are the very auspicious etc.. locations in the home and point out bad locations. Without knowing all these you start to use enhancements it may work otherwise.

Therefore, only after doing proper feng shui audits as mentioned above, then you can understand better and if the location is considered auspicious, you can then consider to say enhance using the Eight Associations of the Eight House Theory.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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